Our History

1937 Peja was founded in The Netherlands.

1945-1960 Shortly after the 2nd World War Peja established their first contacts abroad, in effect with East European countries. From the beginning, the Peja activities were coordinated from their head offices in Arnhem, in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Furthermore, Peja engaged in barter transactions and counter purchases. This in close cooperation with Dutch partners and buyers. These counter purchases led in the fifties to the development of own import and distribution operations for a wide range of East European products, such as electric motors, tool making machinery, agricultural machinery etc.

1960-1970 Peja expanded its operations continuously throughout the sixties. The trading activities were concentrated on the export of technical goods (e.g. machinery and semi finished products for different industries) to East Europe.

1970 When Peja was reorganized in 1970, the various export and import activities were transferred into independent subsidiaries under the parent company Peja Holding N.V.

1970-1980 It was during this period of time that the wide experience Peja had gained in contracting and financial engineering for export of machinery and other capital goods, became known throughout the Dutch industry and financial institutions. As a result conglomerates, like ABN Bank, Holec, Stork and Van Ommeren took financial interest in Peja.

1980-1988 During the eighties Peja paid special attention to expanding their operations to other continents, including Africa, Asia and the Middle East and gained a considerable know-how for implementing development projects.

1988-1999 After the collapse of the Comecon in the late eighties, Peja export activities were taken over by Stork while the import activities were restructured and a partner ship with a Chinese manufacturer was established. Under the name of Dutchi this company is to date a leading importer of electric motors in the E.U. market. The export activities to the Eastern European were restructured following the new market requirements after the collapse of the Comecon.

1999-Present Nowadays Peja trading activities are concentrated on export of machinery and technology products to Eastern Europe, Africa and South Eastern Asia. In each of these market places Peja has successfully implemented numerous projects and enjoys a reputable record among their many clients

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