Food and Packaging Industry
Food and Packaging Industry

At present, Peja supplies plants, machinery, packing material and technology for the following sectors of the food processing industry:

  • Edible Oil Plants (palm oil, soybean oil refinery, fractionation plants, crushing and extraction technology).
  • Sugar, bakery and confectionary industry (centrifugals, turbines, sugar cane handling, bread and cake lines, biscuit and cracker lines, confectionary machinery)
  • Meat processing and convenience food systems (complete slaughtering lines for poultry, cattle and pigs, sausage lines, skinners, forming, breading, coating and other meat processing equipment
  • Milk Processing (U.H.T. milk sterilization systems)
  • Packaging machinery for dairy, meat, seafood and fast food industry)
  • Packaging materials for above sectors
  • Waste water treatment plants in food processing industry


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