Food Processing

Peja Vietnam with offices in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City supplies equipment and related technical products for the dairy, edible oil, starch and sugar industry. One of the first major projects implemented was the supply of centrifugals for the sugar factory of Sucre-Bourbon in Tay Ninh in 1996. Thereafter numerous projects in all these fields have been successfully implemented. Next to these product applications, Peja also supplies equipment for the plastic and food packaging industry.

Technology Applications


Milk is one of critical food sources that provides essential nutrients for humans, especially for children and the elderly. Peja was originally part of the Stork group, one of the oldest Dutch machine building companies with a long history in the fabrication of milk processing equipment. Peja is capable of delivering integrated processing and packaging solutions that extend shelf life, preserve quality and provide food safety.  Peja primarily  focus on providing the following heart of milk processing equipment:

UHT Sterilization Line & Aseptic Tank

UHT sterilizers featuring a special spiral tube configuration optimized for process of sterilized or pasteurized dairy products and beverages, especially for highly viscous products or products with particulate ingredients.

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Aseptic Linear Filler

Peja is proud to be a pioneer in providing milk sterilization lines and Linear Aseptic filler to Vietnamese customers from its early stage of development.

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Batch Retort Sterlizers

The batch retorts are equipped with a steam water spray system ensuring uniform and efficient thermal processing of your packaged food.

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Edible Oil

Desmet Ballestra Group is the world leader in developing, engineering and supplying technologies, processing plants and proprietary equipment for the following business areas: Oilseeds, Oils & Fats, Oleochemicals, Biodiesel, Detergents, Surfactants & Chemicals, Feed and Agro Food. In Vietnam, Desmet Ballestra is active in providing Edible Oil Refining, Crushing and Extraction plants for among other fish, soya and palm oil prcessing

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Tapioca Starch industry

Peja, supplies advanced technologies for the starch industry resulting in a process which bring the highest starch yield with low utility consumption. Peja is proud to be partner for some of the leading customers in the starch industry in Vietnam.  

We provide a complete range of equipment for starch processing including a.o. raspers, decanters, sieve centrifugals, pre cleaners and dewatering peelers 

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Separation Solution

Broadbent is active in separation technology for over 150 years. Broadbent centrifugals deliver innovative separation solutions for clients in among other the sugar industry. Broadbent delivers both batch and continuous centrifuges and has earned a global reputation in their field for helping their clients to achieve their process separation goals.

Plastic Packaging Technologies

Packaging is a very important step in any production chain in order to protect good quality of product and at the same time create an advantage in distribution and bring marketing values ​​to the product. Our range of plastic machinery meet these requirements and at the same time reduce power consumption, maximize the recycle rate of scrap. Peja range of equipment includes PET, PS, PP… Sheet Extrusion lines, Thermoforming Machines and Dry Offset printers for cups, trays, pails and lids.

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