Moba Presents Innovations At The Ippe


Vision crack detector, Egg inspector40 and more

2022 is going to be an exciting year for Moba as it marks its 75th anniversary. The year kicked off fantastically at the IPPE. From January 25 – 27, Atlanta, Georgia USA was the place to be for egg producers from America. We were really pleased that so many of you took the time to visit our booth and ask our professional Sales team everything you wanted to know about your Moba equipment. The IPPE was a great opportunity for us to exhibit our innovations. These latest technologies add value to your operation by optimizing efficiency, ensuring the top quality of the eggs and meeting the highest standards of food safety. The recently introduced Vision crack detector and Egg inspector40 are great examples of these. This article is a summary of everything you missed at the IPPE.

– Vision crack detector: Moba has developed a new vision crack detector where contact with the eggshell is no longer necessary. Through AI, the vision crack can see even the tiniest cracks that are not visible to the human eye. Since eggs are natural products, and no two cracks are the same, Moba has taught the AI network with thousands and thousands of sample pictures; training the system what is right or wrong. It is a method that works on all eggs, regardless of the color.


– The Egg inspector40 with the EggQualizer tool: The new EggQualizer tool allows you to adjust your Egg inspector to your own quality standards by specifying what is acceptable and ensuring that every egg that ends up in consumer products meets the quality standards of the target market.

– Egg wash extender: With the new and patented egg wash extender, you can increase the washing time by two minutes, which enhances the result of the wash. It is an egg washer with a small footprint but big results.



– EggXtreme: Moba has improved the traditional method of egg processing by emphasizing the high quality and freshness of the egg product and reducing the chance of contamination during the process. And now, by adding the first Ultra clean egg breaking system to the EggXtreme process, the highest quality is achieved by focusing on preserving the natural low bacterial load of an egg during the egg-breaking process. With the new Ultra clean egg breaking line, we not only assure a proven high product yield of clean egg white and very dry yolk but we deliver a better product with a lower bacterial count after the egg breaking phase. Curious? Check this video to find out more about Moba EggXtreme.

Looking for a way to feed your processing operation with eggs? Moba offers the Crono9, the highest capacity loader available (225,000 eggs per hour), the perfect fit for your Moba EggXtreme processing line.


– Ovolution integrated egg processing system: What should you do with your second quality eggs? Adding the Ovolution system to your packing station is a solution that requires little space and can turn the losses of rejected eggs into the profits of high-value egg products.


– MR12: The MR12 is a twin case packer that can process two independent products based on patterns that are five or six eggs wide. This combines complete flexibility with maximum capacity.

– Full traceability: The iMoba module EggChain will provide full traceability on eggs, consumer packs, cases, and pallets. It enables egg producers to include a dedicated 2D on any egg carton, outer case, display, and pallet. Scanning this code with the iMoba app will immediately result in the source(s) of these eggs. To automate the processes, Moba created an extremely robust pack print system with an optional verification system to check the readability of the prints, a smart conveyor for tracking and labeling cases as well as interfaces to own MR60 case palletizers and 3rd party palletizers. This new product will be available for new grader projects in the course of 2022.


Keep a close eye on our website, as we will share further details about these innovations and the value they can add to your operation in the upcoming months.


It was an excellent show and we could never have achieved the same level of success without the attendance of our valued customers. Our thanks go out to our customers and visitors from the Americas and all over the world who took the time to come to our booth.


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