TRIO S.A start-up new Fish Oil Fractionation – Chile

TRIO S.A. from Chile is part of FIORDO AUSTRAL GROUP, the leader in industrial production of high nutritional value products both for human and animal consumption. TRIO S.A. is specialized in refining and fractionating, conditioning, and commercializing omega-rich edible oils from different feedstock (chia, fish, rosehip). Established in Santiago de Chile, TRIO SA benefits strategic location to source a fresh and EPA/DHA rich fish oil from the whole south America pacific coastline fishing and fish farming industry. TRIO S.A. exports all kinds of omega3-6-9 rich edible oil products all over the world.

TRIO S.A. selected the Desmet Ballestra  iCONFRAC™ Fractionation with 3-G MOBULIZER® crystallizers coupled with a membrane filter press, achieving the highest olein yield out of omega3 rich fish oil fractionation, making it more profitable as an operation. With this newly commissioned plant, coupled with formerly acquired Desmet Ballestra MULTISTOCK™ Deodoriser, and thanks to an optimized sourcing and marketing strategy, TRIO S.A. became the reference for quality and variety in the booming omega3 products worldwide.

In the last decades, Desmet Ballestra has invested substantial R&D resources in new technologies for the fish oil industry, successfully installed in the factories of the world’s key players.

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